Backlink a very important term in search engine optimization (SEO). So, what is backlink? When a website get a link from another website that’s called backlink. Backlinks make a huge impact on a website’s SEO ranking. Basically your websitesite would rank higher based on the number of backlinks you’ve gotten, also that’s dependent of quality of backlinks.A great website seo backlink analysis tool can help you to track link juice and link quality.

There are 2 different types of link/anchor. That’s Inbound and another is outbound. When you make a link inside of our own website article and link these to another article or blog post that called inbound link. Outbound links are opposite of inbound links. When you put a link into your post to outside of your website that’s called outbound link. When you get these types of link to your site from any third party website that’s your actual backlinks. Also there are 2 types of backlinks, follow & nofollow. Follow backlinks are very important for your website to higher rank. A pr do follow backlink is better thousand of nofollow backlinks.

Backlink checker plays a very important role during your link building period. Suppose, you have thousand of backlinks, let’s decrease the number to hundred. If you want to manually calculate your backlinks quality one by one that will take lot your time everyday. For this reason you will need a automatic website seo backlink analysis tool or backlink analysis software which will make your life easy. you can find out the link quality in few seconds.

Quality backlinks make a great impact on your SEO ranking. You need quality backlinks to improve your SEO ranking. It’s very difficult to track all the backlinks from your website. A automatic website seo backlink analysis tool will helps you to track high pr backlinks and best quality backlinks from your list of thousand backlinks. Our website seo backlink analysis tool will give you a easy solution for find backlinks from the internet and give you easy life. Try our demo of great website seo backlink analysis tool. If you find it’s good tool you can go to buy it from envato market.

We have a premium WordPress plugin listed in . You can easily track your website backlinks and find out link quality with that tool. It’s only for WordPress. Currently it has optimized with following features. Everyday we are trying to add new features and update bug and customer queries.

Automatic SEO Metrics

  • Backlink’s Status Checking.
  • Backlink’s quality monitoring.
  • Auto Discover Seo Information.


  • Special Quality counting algorithm.
  • Follow, Nofollow, Lost monitoring.
  • MozRank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Spam flags, Google PR.
  • External Link Count.


  • Domain Performance.
  • Domain SEO Information.
  • Social Information.
  • Monthly Visitor & Pageview Count.


  • Email Alert for lost Backlinks.
  • You can easily manage of all your link data from one place.

Reference & Tags.

  • Bulk Import / Bulk Export.
  • Disavow links export.
Check in

There is a lot of premium backlink checker services available in the internet. Some of them are really works well and very useful to track the backlinks and find out quality of backlinks. These premium backlink analysis software will cost you monthly / yearly fees. But these are very worthy within the price. Here is some of premium backlink checker tools list :

    • They have free backlink checker tool. You can use the free backlink checker to check your website outbound backlinks. Take a look in the following screenshot just checked for for free. They have pro. packages too to check a lot of backlinks.
ahrefs free backlink checker
smallseotools free backlink checker
monitorbacklinks free backlink checker
    • sitechecker is a another good backlink checker services to check your website backlinks. They have a free backlink checker and they have premium packages too to check a lot of backlinks for your website.
sitechecker free backlink checker
    • Semrush is a another great backlink checker tool. But they don’t have any free checker service in their website. They have only premium packages with free trials.