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A Premium Solution for
WordPress Find and Replacement

An ultimate powerful Database search and replacement as well as real-time word masking find and replacement tool for frontend. A handy plugin for WordPress website migration, affiliate marketing and cloning websites.

A light weight plugin
for all kind of find & replacement


A powerful search & replacement tool for Database clean up, website migration & any kind of word replacement in Database etc..

Real-Time Rendering

An ultimate tool for real-time find & replace, word masking, affiliate marketing, image or URL replacement, footer credit remover etc..

Premium Functionalities &
Elegant User friendly interface

This plugin has been designed for non-expert to advance level of user's experience

See exactly
what you are changing

See exactly what you are changing before replacing permanently

Save time
and increase your productivity

Save your time during website migration and anything replacement in database

Ultimate Easy
Bulk Search and Replace

Select items you want to replace and do bulk action to change them at once

Search & Replace
in specific column of Database

A premium option to search and replace in a specific column of a Database Table.

Table selection made easy

Easily select Database table's to perfrom search and replace action

Real-time Find and Replacement

Find and Replace code block / piece of content in real-time rendering

Amazing Premium Features

An amazing bundle of premium features save a lot of time during website migration or word masking

Amazing options to select multiple items and perform bundle action from dry run report's
Create word masking rules which will be render real-time before the website renders on browser
An ultimate option to find and replace ajax / jQuery content loaded by any other plugin's
The only plugin which offer 'Whole Word' search option
Advance filtering option for both Database and real-time rendering
Bypass rule option for real-time rendering feature
View exactly what changed during a search/replace
View exactly what and where will be change
View and change each item / row at a time

and many more..

Real Life Experience?

Read what real users are saying about our product.

This has saved me a 500 hours +

I can not even begin to describe what an amazing timesaver this has been for me. Where Translate-press gives up, this plugin steps right in and fixes misspellings and wrong capitalizations in no time in my [databasename]_trp_dictionary... When using this, you will be more than satisfied.
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Saved me tons of time

Thank you! Saved me time in doing manual database update
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Worked like a dream!

Sooooooo helpful when updating links from dev site to live site. Worked perfectly and save me tons of time.
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Best plugin

I just loved it, it’s work like a magic. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Best plugin for find and replace

This is easy and awesome to find any HTML word and replace by another

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Best Plugin for find and replace anything

Easy Interface, I am in love with this plugin!

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Best plugin for search & replace

thank you

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Amazing UI designs which makes the plugin more elegant.


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